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The silence of the warm November night was interrupted by footfalls on the uneven ground. Jack Gosford felt the burning in his lungs, the pain in his legs and the tightness from the stitch in his side but he could not stop even though he'd be running flat-out for half an hour. Tripping on something half buried Jack crashes to the leaf covered dirt. Swearing and cursing in muffled tones as he picks himself up Jack quickly brushes the leaves and dirt from his clothes, then thinks better of it and squats back down to listen for the sounds of pursuit. Jack's chasers, thinking they may have heard something, have stopped. Straining their ears in vane they decide to continue in their original direction. To Jack's ears his hunters sound like they are moving at a tangent to his position. Rising with speed and stepping with caution Jack moves off at half pace perpendicular to his previous direction and further away from the noise of his hunters. Jack unbuttons his shirt some more. After an hour of careful walking/jogging Jack is strolling along a grassy, partially over grown road. Tyre tracks are worn into the ground. The edge of the road, as with the hump in the centre, is covered with grass and some wild flowers, trees line both sides. The night sky is clear and the half moon gives a beautiful, dim illumination to the area. Grey soft shadows frolic silently under the lunar glow as a gentle breeze caresses the leaves on the surrounding eucalyptus trees. At any other time Jack Gosford's mind would have considered his surroundings a romantic spot but tonight all Jack could think about was what he had witnessed several hours before. Trying to shake off his fatigue Jack resembles a dog after a swim but he's not wet. For the last 40 minutes Jack has been walking at a normal pace and the sweat and pain from earlier has evaporated. He's encourage enough to push on at a quickened pace.