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Video's of quite a few races over the 3 days can be found on my youtube channel -> Karting video's.
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There are a truck load of images for me to process, it's taking longer than expected. They are being uploaded continuously today.
Some images need processing further. If you email me a list of photo names I'll get to them as fast as I can.
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The photo name comes after the last slash in the URL. e.g.
DJI_0195.jpg is the photo name.
As I get more info I'll organise the images better.
24 megapixels gives a lot of room to adjust. Most of the images will be 6000 x 4000 pixels and between 15 and 18.5 megabytes in file size.
Images can be sharpened a little, brightness adjusted, colours enhanced as well as cropping.
For example from this image

We can get this image.