Bruce opens the car door and worms into the drivers seat as he tries to find a place for his truck-stop bounty without spilling the coffees. Jack stirs in his seat and Bruce calls out “wake up mate, I've got coffee”. Jack yawns and stretches out along the reclined seat then suddenly snaps upright, “What time is it? Where the hell are we?”. Startled, Bruce jumps in his seat barely saving the coffee and could quite possibly have crapped himself if he had not already recently done so. “Relax”, Bruce blurts. His heart in his throat. “It's about six and we're at a truck stop not far outside of Gil. “Gil” said Jack with some surprise, “I thought you might stop at Coonabarabran” he continued. “I did” replied Bruce, “when I delivered a box. Nothing was open so I didn't bother to wake you.” Bruce hands Jack a coffee along with half a dozen sugars. Jack opens and empties all six into his coffee and stirs it for a long time. As Bruce mixes in three sugars he says to Jack, “I didn't know how you took it, I hope it's OK.” “Black, white makes no difference just so long as it's sweet” jack replied. “Yeah I noticed...” Bruce was saying when Jack interrupted by announcing he was ducking into the truck stop to “take a leak and buy some chocolate”. Placing his coffee in the console Jack leaves the car and heads to the truck stop. Bruce rummages through the stash he just purchased, opens a fruit cup and starts to consume the contents.